Online Math Resource Treasures

In staying with the same vein as last week, we wanted to share a few new math resources appropriate for middle and high school level.

1.  Symbaloo – This is a bookmarking website that has real potential.  We really like how visual it is! You can create a symbaloo for your students or parents of students of tutorial sites, virtual manipulative sites, and textbook sites.  Or, you can create a symbaloo for your own organization of sites you frequent regularly.  They can be organized on the board by color, icon, and location.  It takes very little time to create.   The math half of us started one called CCSS Math – Parvankin.  It is full of math sites that are often referenced.  And, not to be outdone, the Literacy half of us started one called CCSS Literacy – Elliot including Literacy Resources featured last week here, as well as some upcoming Literacy Events, and SBA Tools to peruse. We’ll add any worthy links as we encounter them.

2.  Dane Ehlert Videos – Dane Ehlert is a Pre-Algebra and Algebra teacher who has created videos he uses as both an introduction and review of a concept.  They are typically between 1-2 minutes long.  The best part about the videos is that they are done for you!  He also has created several 3-act tasks that you can also look at on his vimeo site.  And, he has a blog where he posts the lesson he taught that day and all of his assessments as well.  Take a look at what he has to share.

3.  Mathalicious – This is a website full of real-world problems for middle and high school students.  There are 8 lessons that are free to use, otherwise you pay a subscription of $185 per year.  Convincing your principal, Site Council, the PTC, or the Ed Foundation to give you funds shouldn’t be terribly hard, since it would help you apply the math practices in your classroom, as well as the many content standards that expect application and modeling.   You can search the site by grade level, topic, or standard.  Some lessons are meant to be introductory, while others are meant as practice.

We hope you find these resources helpful. We will be sure to include more in the future.  Feel free to share math resources you may have stumbled across in the Comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Online Math Resource Treasures

  1. aweekoraweekend

    Glad to see you’re getting the word out about Symbaloo. You should mention it again in a post that’s not just for mathies, b/c most non-math people probably skipped this one. 🙂

  2. Nativity Science

    Reblogged this on nativityscience and commented:
    Interested in reviewing math concepts and ideas outside of class? Here are some great ways to do so! Check out the second resources especially. If none of these resources appeal to you, you can always try Khan Academy or iTunes U for other videos and podcasts.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Ms. Miller


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