Number Sense: I don’t like this game anymore

I have a twitter account.  I don’t tweet much, but I do follow a fair number of those who do. One of those I follow is Andrew Stadel.  I have posted about him before; he’s the one who started Estimation 180, an engaging website that helps students improve their number sense (NS). Interestingly, NS is difficult to put your finger on, so after consulting several sources, I’ve landed on an intuitive understanding of numbers, their uses, interpretations, magnitude, and relationships. Definitely a needed area of growth for our students.

Estimation 180 is an activity to deliver Generating a Hypotheses,  one of the high-probability instructional strategies Marzano and Hattie reference. According to their research, the process of explaining students’ thinking helps to cement their understanding.  In Estimation 180, students are asked to explain how their observations of an image (height, weight, length, etc.) supports their estimation.  The discourse around their observations and reasoning has some rich potential.

Example of what students would see.Stadel presented an IGNITE talk called Number Sense: I Don’t Like this Game Anymore during the California Math Council North Conference in December 2013.  In an IGNITE Talk, each speaker gets five minutes and 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds to teach, enlighten, or inspire the crowd.  In Stadel’s talk, he explains how he uses Estimation 180 in his classroom.  Rather than try to paraphrase him, when you can take 5 minutes, check out his video.

BTW:  Andrew Stadel will be at the NW Regional Math Conference  presenting a workshop titled, “Modeling Mathematics Using Problem-Solving Tasks”  on Friday, October 10 from 12:00 – 1:30. The Conference is also holding a tweet-up on Friday at 6:00pm in the lobby of the hotel and an IGNITE on Friday at 7:00pm featuring 10 speakers.  I’ll be there.  Look for my tweets!



3 thoughts on “Number Sense: I don’t like this game anymore

  1. aweekoraweekend

    Definitely going to pass this entry on to my staff, too. We just did a whole 2 hour mtg on math teaching yesterday. Even I “got to” participate. Love those Ignite talks. Are they having an Ignite Portland again this year? Let’s go and tweet it up! Will be watching for @sparvankin on my feed Friday night. (You, by the way, know how to get crazy on a Friday night!)

  2. bethandshannon Post author

    I can’t find anything on Ignite Portland for this year. If you hear, let me know. You should join me on Friday night. Imagine the math talk you would hear! I know you are missing it!


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