Links, books, articles and more involving Science and all things Common Core.

Northeastern University Center for STEM Education   Engineering/STEM projects complete with handouts, prezis, lesson plans, etc. 

Asap Science videos: Short videos discussing topics ranging from “The Science of Pain” to “The Olympic Diet.”

ODE: Content Standards, Literacy Standards, Science related Text Exemplars and Performance Tasks,  and Samples of Student Writing in Science.

Teaching with Movies


Usain Bolt vs. Gravity

Carbon Footprint Text Set:

Carbon footprint – definition Carbon Footprint India to Resist Carbon Reductions Pressure to Reduce Carbon Verizon Reducing CF YouTube

Diet/Nutrition/Consumer Health Text Set:

chocolate-milk-nutrition-information.docx  Home Lunch Ban  School Lunch Healthier Than Home  Schools may ban chocolate milk over added sugar  Sugar in Chocolate Milk Compared to Other Treats  What’s to Love

Video Links: LA Bans Chocolate Milk in Schools  Benefits of Chocolate Milk  Raise Your Hand for Chocolate Milk  Love & Loathe Chocolate Milk


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